OnsetsDSAudioBuf Struct Reference
[Convenience functions to apply OnsetsDS to a chunk of audio data, or to an audio file.]

#include <onsetsdshelpers.h>

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Data Fields

size_t buflen
size_t hopsize
size_t writepos
float * data
float * window
float * windoweddata
float * fftbuf
fftwf_plan fftplan
long sampsElapsed
double samplerate
ODSFileCallback filecallback

Detailed Description

Holds all the state data required by onsetsds_process_audiodata(), including a pointer to an OnsetsDS as well as the time-domain/freq-domain buffers. Also remembers the FFT frame size, hop size.

Field Documentation

OnsetsDS* OnsetsDSAudioBuf::ods

size_t OnsetsDSAudioBuf::buflen

size_t OnsetsDSAudioBuf::hopsize

size_t OnsetsDSAudioBuf::writepos

float* OnsetsDSAudioBuf::data

float* OnsetsDSAudioBuf::window

float* OnsetsDSAudioBuf::windoweddata

float* OnsetsDSAudioBuf::fftbuf

fftwf_plan OnsetsDSAudioBuf::fftplan

long OnsetsDSAudioBuf::sampsElapsed

double OnsetsDSAudioBuf::samplerate

ODSFileCallback OnsetsDSAudioBuf::filecallback

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